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If a Phase II Site Investigation determines that actionable concentration levels of hazardous contaminants have been detected in the subsurface environment on a property, PIERS is well equipped to design and perform Phase III remedial actions on behalf of our clientele. Once characterized, the source and associated contaminants are either removed via excavations and disposal or are remediated onsite with innovative techniques such as in-situ bioremediation. Sites which show evidence of contaminated groundwater often necessitate that groundwater monitoring wells be installed and sampled quarterly at the discretion of local regulatory agencies.

PIERS has established and maintained outstanding working relationships with the majority of the regulatory agency personnel in California. Thus, ensuring prompt issuance of agency responses for our clients. Additionally, PIERS has successfully accelerated numerous contaminated site cases to “closure” status by implementing biodegradation enhancement technologies and/or using creative land use techniques. Even properties that are classified as open sites may often times be closed by case re-evaluation under new state closure guidelines or via innovative project planning and effective regulatory agency negotiations.