PIERS (Phase I Environmental Realty Services) Environmental Services, a full- service environmental consulting firm, was founded over 20 years ago. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide the most efficient and cost effective environmental due diligence solutions. Our experience in environmental consulting services has allowed PIERS to acquire a superior knowledge of California’s environmental regulatory agencies and their ever-evolving environmental policies. PIERS provides the highest quality of environmental assessment reports available in the industry today. Having become one of the largest providers of environmental due diligence in California, PIERS serves as the third party professional consulting firm for all entities involved in commercial real estate transactions and in subsurface soil and groundwater investigations.


  • Protect clients from any unforeseen environmental liabilities associated with a property
  • Facilitate property transactions via the rapid and efficient identification and resolution of any recognized environmental conditions
  • Offer the highest level of environmental due diligence reporting in the industry

PIERS has successfully completed thousands of projects ranging from environmental assessments, permitting, compliance, and regulatory negotiation to Phase II sampling, well installation and monitoring, contaminated site cleanups, risk based closures, corrective action plans, and service station retrofits.

The company’s Phase I property assessors are all certified and all Phase II and Phase III project managers are registered engineers and/or geologists. PIERS carries a Professional Errors and Omissions, General Liability and Pollution Liability Insurance Policy with additional insured options for our clients.

Responsive and dependable services have earned PIERS the opportunity to establish and maintain outstanding client relationships. Currently, PIERS services many banks/lenders, real estate professionals, insurance companies, real estate attorneys, developers, government agencies and private real estate owners. PIERS is a preferred environmental consultant for the majority of commercial lending institutions in the state. Additionally, PIERS has years of experience with multiple Small Business Administration’s (SBA) loan departments.

PIERS outstanding staff qualifications and technical experience, coupled with superior internal organization and efficiency, enables the company to provide a number of unique and valuable services that are not competitively available from any other environmental consulting company in California.